Coherence Psychology Institute

“A brilliant breakthrough… Accessible, nonpathologizing language, sophisticated yet profoundly simple theory, and powerful therapeutic process combine to make this work of the highest significance. I have rarely been this impressed.”

Stephen M. Johnson, Ph.D., author of Character Styles, Characterological Transformation & other titles

“It is a bold vision… as conceptually strong as it is compassionate… I wholeheartedly recommend Coherence Therapy as the most compelling incarnation of clinical constructivism on the contemporary scene.”

Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D., Editor, Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Coherence Therapy in the Nordic Region (CTN) collaborates with the Coherence Psychology Institute (CPI), a global institute that regularly conducts clinical psychotherapy, holds training, has published a large amount of research literature, and is a regular lecturer at global conferences. The institute offers a wide range of educational and learning resources, both broad, comprehensive, and in-depth.

CPI was originally founded by Bruce Ecker (M.A., L.M.F.T.) and Sara K. Bridges (Ph.D). Since 2006, Ecker and colleagues have increasingly applied neuroscience in their clinical research, to actively direct therapeutic work towards the processes of profound change in the brain. Striking support for Coherence Therapy’s non-pathologizing model and methods comes from the relatively recent, major discovery of memory reconsolidation by neuroscientists.

Read more about CT and MR on the Institute’s website, contact us or watch the video and selected literature below.

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