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We provide individual psychotherapy, Coherence Therapy (CT), under the guidance of a licensed and certified psychotherapist from the Coherence Psychology Institute. The clinic is centrally located in Stockholm. We also work by distance, f.e. phone, or encrypted video link.

The therapy starts with a short orientation session and then set up a possible treatment plan. Frequency of treatment is usually a session of 45-60 minutes every or other week. The price is SEK 600-800 incl. VAT depending on your finance situation.

Coherence Therapy (CT) is a framework in psychotherapy and has a non-pathologizing and constructivist perspective. Through emotional coherence, CT actively strives to engage the human brain’s naturally processes of profound change. CT has effectively treated a lot of different types of symptoms, f.e. complex attachment patterns, loss and grief, powerlessness, despair, existential problems, difficulty setting boundaries for one’s own needs, independence, loneliness, low self-esteem, anger, co-dependence, fear, anxiety and panic and more.

CT is practiced through three phases using specific tools in real time. We focus on experience-based knowledge and try to avoid abstract theorizing perspectives and reasoning. Specified tools of CT and its framework can be found in the literature below.

  • 1. Discovery
    We make implicit knowledge conscious through praxis and verbal expression.
  • 2. Integrations
    We integrate the new knowledge into your everyday-life.
  • 3. Transformation
    We transform old constructions to new. The symptom loses its function.

A complete description of the three phases and the CT framework can be found in the selected literature or here.


Gustaf Lundh, Bachelor of Sociology and Basic
Psychotherapy Education ("Steg-1").

I am a sociologist with a basic psychotherapy education (“Steg-1”) and further education in trauma treatment. For the past four years, I have worked on behalf of the Swedish Social Service, at a family center on municipal level and in my own private clinic. The clients I work with have varying problem areas, different complexities and different types of age, background, identities or cultures. At the moment I am working within KTN but also at a psychiatric clinic for children and adolescence.

For two years I’ve used Coherence Therapy and memory reconsolidation in my clinical work, with supervision from a licensed and certified psychotherapist. Coherence Therapy is both depth-oriented and time-limited. I work with adults, young people and couples in premises in central Stockholm. Many clients live in other regions, this means that I work remotely via encrypted digital platform and telephone. In addition to my clinical work, I write articles and essays on health-related topics but also larger sociological perspectives based on current societal issues and themes.

Since I was a child, I have always been constantly curious about personal development and it is therefore obvious for me to be responsive, place high demands on my treatment work and my own development. I follow contemporary science and is constantly open to re-evaluating my perspectives and my way of working.

Meeting people in crisis requires great ethical responsibility in relation to the difference of power and a clients integrity. My treatment is therefore from the start aware of and affirming of this and I am a member of several established professional organizations such as “Psykoterapicentrum and Svenska Föreningen för Relationell Psykoterapi (SFRP) I have a LGBTQI perspective, ie. a norm-free view of sexuality and identity. It is also natural for me, like it should for other professionals, to take people very seriously with a genuine commitment. As a professional therapist, I have also gone into therapy myself.

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