Update 22-10-26

Here is a current update and explanation why KTN has been inactive for the past year. I started KTN autumn 2020. In October 2020, after a Covid-19-infection, I got the most severe form of alopecia—”Alopecia Universalis”. Loosing all hair on my body severely affected me psychologically on many levels. During the same episode, several major events happened in my private life. A year later, in October 2021, when a turbulent period increasingly seemed to be calming down, I wake up to chronic severe bilateral tinnitus, as well as a worsening of my somatosensory tinnitus in my left ear (happened due to an acoustic trauma in 2013). When I walk, run or turn my head back, the volume of the tinnitus increases significantly. This has, as you can imagine, also affected me psychologically on a serious level. From there I was on sick leave but started to work full-time again in child and youth psychiatry in Stockholm in the beginning of this year. My energy goes at the moment largely to this work. Thus, KTN, Coherence Therapy in the Nordic region, has not been able to get the time and attention I wanted when I started this initiative. I still believe that, if carried out on an ambitious scale with adequate supervision by CPI, the Coherence Psychology Institute, Coherence Therapy is one of the most powerful experiential psychotherapy methods today. I hope to be able to take up the work of spreading these theories and methods, and offer qualified psychotherapy services in the near future. Thank you, Gustaf.

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